by dagorret
almost 5 years ago

Hi guys.
I am the administrator of the site: http://www.fce.unrc.edu.ar and http://www.eco.unrc.edu.ar.
But I think I site is “locked” for belonging to the network “unrc.edu.ar.”
The primary site is: http://www.unrc.edu.ar

The report is:

What Happened When Google visited this site?

Of the 451 pages we tested on the site over the Past 90 days, 22 page (s) resulting in malicious software downloaded and installed Being Without Consent user. The last time Google visited this site on 05/18/2010 Was, and the last time suspicious content was found on this site Was on 18/05/2010. Malicious software includes 25 scripting exploit (s), 7 trojan (s). Successful Infection resulting in an average of one new process (es) on the target machine. Malicious software is hosted on 29 domain (s), Including terasave11.com /, savepc21-pd.xorg.pl /, bestfastclean-32p.xorg.pl /. 15 domain (s) Appear to Be Functioning as middlemen for Distributing malware to visitors of this site, Including ruboidmon-62td.net /, terasave11.com /, ezbkq9.xorg.pl /. Was This site hosted on 3 network (s) including AS27770 (Universidad Nacional de Rio Cuarto) AS26347 (DreamHost), AS4270 (University Interconnection Network). <hr />

I would appreciate your help.

by WhiteFirDesign
almost 5 years ago

The domain unrc.edu.ar is being flagged, so your sub-domains and all others are being flagged due to that.

There is a malware file located at http://materias.hum.unrc.edu.ar/iyarb.php.

White Fir Design
Website Malware Removal Service

by dagorret
almost 5 years ago

Thank you very much.
As we say in Argentina: “Very good grass!”. (Buena yerba)

This subdomain is hosted by Dreamhost.
I asked the general manager to rescind the subdomain materias.hum.unrc.edu.ar, so seek the annulment of the incident.

Carlos Dagorret

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