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by radarpup
over 2 years ago

has anyone else experienced issues with this application in Facebook?

by radarpup
about 2 years ago


I finally managed to contact Chatzum and through a number of responses we were able to work out that the messages that were being sent even after I had removed the app, were old messages. Eventually, after contacting all my friends on Facebook, I managed to remove the advertising for Chatzum from every message window.

Today, Monday 23rd January, I have had an e-mail from Chatzum, noting that they had found my post on badwarebusters and were not happy as they believed we had resolved the issue.

To some extent this is true but as I have told Chatzum, the issue that the app sent a message to every one of my contacts in the form of a spam e-mail was still not resolved.

With this in mind, I would like to say that via a number of bouncing e-mails back and forth, Chatzum were very helpful and in actual fact, the application itself was very good.

My only remaining issue is as previously stated.. I’m not happy that the application accessed my friends address book and sent all of them an e-mail advertising that I was using the software!!



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