Cash Secret Club Scam???
by 12056
almost 6 years ago

I am always downloading from MegaUpload, but they always show an ad after you download something.

This time it showed, something about a Cash Secret Club:


by Cometcom1
almost 6 years ago

It could be a scam, but it would require someone to report being scammed by the people operating the site. is associated with this site.

The site may even offer perfectly legit information and methods to utilize the various large websites advertisement schemes to allow you to get revenue from your site. In which case it would not be a scam, but would be preying on people not able to figure this out by visiting the sites themselves.

As always, when beying items or services on the Internet, make sure you check the sites before buying/signup. If it sounds too good to be true, then it most likely is.

by ljk137
over 5 years ago

Cometcom1: What do you mean by “it would require someone to report being scammed”? Report where and to whom? I was nearly scammed by a site yesterday (, and I’m trying to do something about it, but I have no idea where to go next. The site appears in many lists and blogs, which is fine and well, but doesn’t seem to affect the scammer, since the site appears in lists going back to 2004!
It’s interesting to trace this site: its IP address ( is in Canada, but the site is registered to someone with an address in Malta. If you dig a little deeper, sure enough, you find links to russian sites…

by Kaleh
over 5 years ago

You can file a complaint through:

Internet Crime Complaint Center

by BrandonAnderson
over 5 years ago is hosted by GoDaddy, and seems to have been suspended.

The ads you are seeing are most likely from Google Adsense (or other ad firms), and happened to be that of a scam.

Typically, anything that involves “Cash Secrets”, “Make Money Online!”, “Get Rich Fast!” and the like are usually scams.

Brandon Anderson

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