Malware problem. My web site is been block
by dcvisual_com
over 5 years ago

I need help!
My web site is been block due to a Malware problem?
Trying to solve the problem…
I went to the web site:
to diagnose the problem… I get the following message telling me taht the problem is within the frame:
<iframe src=“” width=169 height=124 style=“visibility: hidden”>

How can i solved the problem?
I can not find the

by Cometcom1
over 5 years ago

Dasient also states which page this iframe was found in. That’s where you have to look for it.

Remember to check on the server.

It would be wise to check your own pc for malware as well, as these hackers usually steal passwords to gain access. You may have a keylogger or other malware on the PC.

Change the password of the website, preferably from an alternate PC
Search for the malware in all files, including script files of your server. Google and Dasient may have only found one or two places, but others may exsist.
When you’ve removed all malware, the you can request a Review using Google Webmaster Tools to have Google verify the site and remove the suspcious warning if no more suspicious activity is detected.

by dcvisual_com
over 5 years ago

How can I found what is wrong?
I do not know coding…
told me the wrong thing is:
<iframe src=“” width=169 height=124 style=“visibility: hidden”>

Should I removed that code..?
What can I do, so my web will work again?

by Cometcom1
over 5 years ago

Probably the wrong question.

What can I do so this will not happen again, and make my web work again?

1. Check your PC for malware. Someone is stealing your password, probably right there on the computer you’re using right now. Scan with multiple antivirus and malware scanners. Here’s a list of tools:

2. Change the password of the website FTP access. Preferably using another PC than your own – just to make sure the password isn’t stolen again.

3. Do NOT store passwords in the FTP client on your PC. It might be easier to steal from the FTP client.

4. Remove the malicious contents from your website. The iframes mentioned might be the only malware that is there, but you should check ALL files for malware and content that you do not understand. You have to start getting to know the code, whatever is there that you did not put there, is likely to be malicious. You could try to upload the original contents again – you do have a backup ? Right ? – But make sure there is no malware in that either.

5. When you are confident that there is no more malware present, you can use Google Webmaster Tools to request a review. This review takes a few hours, but if it doesn’t find suspicious activity on the website, then it will remove the warning.

Remember, all this is for nought if you do not protect your password, and if it is stolen again, then this will hapen again. Next time, however, it may not be as easy to spot or remove.

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